I am now located in Manhattan near Penn Station. Outcall visits are available to the New York Metropolitan Area.

Types of Sessions

My sessions are always tailored to address your particular need, personality, tolerance, and desire. For me, delivering a hard spanking is the easiest part of a session. It’s the mental component that’s crucial in bringing everything together to make a spanking effective; and if you’re able to articulate your desires, you will receive exactly as you request.

Whether it’s light role play or role play with more complex tones; maintenance for the straight and narrow or just a good hard over-the-knee spanking to wipe away the guilt, rest assured, when I’m through, your bottom will burn for the next day – or three and afterward, you’ll feel positive, relaxed and able to focus on the important things in your life. That’s what I can do for you, and you owe it to yourself to get it.

Client Types

My clients typically fall into three broad categories: novices, roleplay, and discipline. This isn’t, of course, all that I do or can do, but these are the most common requests. Ask me if you have other desires you’d like to reduce to reality.


I understand that you’ve always wanted to be spanked, but were too ashamed or afraid to try. Maybe you asked a girlfriend (or a wife) and she said it made her uncomfortable or that she didn’t want to “hurt” you. Perhaps you tried the alternative newspapers or online sites, but the pro domes; in their leather regalia and dungeons, frightened you. Or maybe you tried it, possibly in a club like Paddles, and the experience was so dreadful you swore you’d never do it again, but you still have an itch that you just can’t shake. Not unusual. Everyone started as novices at some point and if you’re serious about being spanked, I can introduce you to what an authentic spanking is, and if you like, explore the sensation of different implements, so that you’ll be able to identify what you want for the future.
I ask only that you be serious about your decision to be spanked and not waste my time.

Role Play

Clients often have specific fantasies or scenarios they enjoy or want to try. For example, your teacher punishing you for poor grades; your aunt who, many years ago, caught you peeking at a magazine; your boss who’s giving you a choice at your evaluation to either be spanked or be fired. Whether I’m your governess, babysitter, nurse, nanny, aunt, employer or principal, I’ll supply both the theater and the spanking.


If you need traditional, no-nonsense, bare-bottom spanking discipline administered with hand and implements, you’ve come to the right place. I quite enjoy the role of disciplinarian.

Some clients bring me a list of misbehavior for which they require punishment. Some even bring me notes from their wives or girlfriends; husbands or boyfriends who aren’t getting the correction they need, specifying unacceptable behavior needing correction. Whatever the reason, I will take you firmly in hand and deliver the custodial or domestic discipline you need to wipe your slate clean; and should you need regular maintenance spankings to ensure you stay on the straight and narrow, I will help you with that as well.


I am highly skilled with my bare hand, strap, paddle, hairbrush, ruler tawse and, of course, cane. You can be disciplined with my implements or an implement of your own.

What Isn’t Offered

I’m not a negative person. While I can be strict and stern, it’s all in the context of spanking; so I hope you’ll excuse my saying things that the true Spankophiles already know, since, unfortunately, some people just don’t get it (don’t you hate that?)
This is not foreplay.  I don’t offer any sort of sexual contact – ever.  I don’t disrobe. I do not offer traditional BDSM and you most certainly will not call me Mistress. There will be no cruelty, torture, body worship, kissing or “happy endings”. And, of course, never any drugs or alcohol.

What I do is consensual spanking with legal adults. So if you want your bottom reddened, and you understand (or want to explore) that dynamic as you would with, perhaps, a therapist who will listen carefully to you and spank your naughty backside, you’re in the right place. Otherwise, I suggest responding to another advertisement because I just will not be able to deliver what you are seeking. However, if you believe happiness is a nicely burning bottom, we’re on the same page.



Please remember, that I am a Spanking Disciplinarian, not a Domme. You may not call me Mistress.

Now there’s a love.



New York

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