Couples Counseling & Discipline

Couples who seek to maintain or improve their relationship call me for counseling and correction.  Their requests fall into three general categories:

  • Husbands Correcting Wives;
  •  Wives Correcting Husbands; and
  •  Both Corrected Together.

A large part of this correction involves strict Spanking Discipline. Ones needs to be spanked in front of the other, but  in order to keep the dynamic of their relationship unchanged they seek an impartial  Disciplinarian  to deliver the consequences. However, make no mistake. They also want the satisfaction of seeing their partner receive the corporal punishment spanking they know they have coming and that they deserve.

Others want to learn the proper way to  deliver a Spanking when using their Hand, Belt, Paddle, Hairbrush or Cane  and I demonstrate the techniques that work best on their particular partner. Bear in mind, there is a right way, and a wrong way, to do anything, and this is especially true in Spanking Discipline.

It takes two to Tango and couples frequently ask to be Disciplined together because each have grievances, neither have “clean hands” and both need to be spanked.  In Couples Counseling, partners receive their spanking at the same time. Not only does this clear the air and strengthen their bond, but having experienced their punishment as equals, they can also compare their well spanked and nicely burning bottoms.


New York