Sugar Detox


Are You a Sugar Addict?

You drink coffee all morning with a pastry or Starbucks lemon cake. You hit the vending machine candy when you need a boost for the trail mix with M&Ms and chocolate covered power bars and if it ran out of those, there’s always Gummy Bears. But now your sleep pattern is off, you’re always “high-strung” and every two hours it’s either caffeine, sweets, cake  – or carbs – and it just doesn’t seem to stop.

 The reason for your behavior is this. Sugar is a drug.  It works the brain like other chemical stimulants and is just as addictive. In fact, you may as well skip a step and go directly to snorting ( I do not recommend).

Under my authority and strict supervision, this problem is solved.
I’ll break your addiction and free you of high anxiety and restless nights.  I’m both knowledgeable and experienced in sugar detoxification. All of my sugar addicted clients “kicked the habit”  and I’m marching you through a no-nonsense accountability, dietary and behavioral program that irradicates your chemical addiction too.

I walk you through the withdrawal but I don’t tolerate tantrums, disobedience, or excuses.  You will do whatever I say to break your habit.

This Discipline Detox Program is both Verbal and/or Corporal and are effective long distance.

As with all of my monitoring programs, Spankings are separate and administered strictly an as-needed basis.

I have a 100% success rate for all of my formerly addicted clients.

And I guarantee that when I’m done with you, that you may have the occasional cake but lose your desire for Gummy Bears.

This program is month to month.

Monthly Detox Program

Spanking Maintenance (when needed)

$170.00 (with this program)

Date Begins As Chosen



New York