Review from Grant Neil

I would like to express my honest views in a review of my experience with Spanking Disciplinarian Miss Georgia Cane.  She is quiet simply the BEST disciplinarian I have ever encountered.

I first asked for assistance with a diet/exercise monitoring program, as I have suffered with obstinate, chronic constipation my whole life.  I have found Miss Georgia to be a very fair, albeit stern, disciplinarian.  If you want to work with her, there are FIVE Iron Clad Rules you must live by without exception:

1.  You MUST ALWAYS do as you are told.

2.  You MUST ALWAYS obey her instructions.

3.  You MUST ALWAYS try your best.

4.  You MUST NEVER lie to her.

5.  You MUST NEVER EVER talk back.

Follow these four rules and you will get along just fine with Miss Georgia Cane.  Break them and she will burn your bottom with her hand, belt, paddle, tawse or cane.  I learned this hard way.  I made the mistake of ‘ talking back’ (ie. sassing) her and was very severely spanked for it .  Take my word, you do NOT want to disappoint Miss Georgia.

‘Grant Neil’