Review from Frank S

Dear Spankophiles take note:

This wonderfully appreciative client requested a certain discipline that I am more than willing to oblige.   But it’s not for everyone. The truth is, some of us require severe attention and others very mild. It’s relative after all.  However in the end, (no pun intended) all that really matters is your catharsis, renewal, and your nicely burning bottom.

Warm bottoms,

Georgia Cane


I am a masochist who enjoys the erotic experience of corporal punishment. I have tried mistresses whose goals were feminization and enslavement. Too humiliating. The ones on “Collarspace” describe their prey as “paypigs”.

If you haven’t hit rock bottom self-esteem-wise, this is the place to fall into the abyss.
Not so with Miss Georgia Cane, a life coach who is cultured, brilliant, articulate, insightful, honest, etc.

But who has the demeanor of a Marine drill instructor. Instead of getting an erotic experience, I got pure pain, but pain with a purpose.

The pain Miss and delivers, however, is not outside one’s tolerance level. Be assured: She is not a sadist. She is expert at reading body language or the sounds that you emit. You will not be hurt, but you know that she has made an impression on you in more than one way.

What happens during a session?

  • First , you will be beaten for your errant ways as she constantly reminds you what wrong doings you have committed.
  • Then the punishment ceases, and she verbally chastises you for not allowing yourself to be your best. At this point, she enumerates your strengths. Then the punishment continues. A totally exhausting experience for her and you.

In summary, Miss Cane punishes severely and then rebuilds with words of kindness and understanding.

She has a no-nonsense approach and , most importantly, she has the ability to read her clients accurately. Even though she shuns psychiatry, se is expert in the field. She is the most efficient, effective and unconventional social worker that you will ever encounter.

If you do your homework assignment, you will be on the road to self-improvement. Or be lax at your peril. I learned the hard way. The pain Miss Cane provided was not erotic.

Frank S.




New York