ACT LIKE A LADY (spanking, NYC )

 For the man or woman who wishes to enhance their natural grace and femininity, I conduct Etiquette and Comportment Training.    

Since the ’50 and 60′s so much has changed in the way  women conduct themselves, and unfortunately,  not for the better.  Now the mystery is gone and  obvious behavior is de rigueur.  Or so it seems.  The truth is there is still a right way and a wrong way to do everything and a woman’s conduct is no exception.

 You may not have had the benefit  of finishing schools, or governesses drilling you at every turn in proper behavior but  with my strict  Discipline and Corporal Correction you be trained to carry yourself  as lady at all times.


I will teach you posture and carriage to add your height.  You will be trained  to walk with fluidity and grace, to stand properly, to sit and to enter a room.  You’ll also learn proper make-up,  the correct way to cross and uncross the leg , hold a cocktail glass or cup of tea  - and most importantly, to have presence.

This training is intense and no nonsense.  I’m a perfectionist and so are you.       

    If you are defiant,  I will   administer a good, sound spanking to your bare bottom, 

  And perhaps you may need a  little canning  as you walk as encouragement   to hold your shoulders back,  and your head up,. 

Whatever it takes to achieve results.

I strongly suggest a completely clean shaven body  in order to apply makeup evenly ,  wear panties comfortably and  avoid snags in stockings and pantyhose.    


I feel in this day and age, the ebb and flow of conversation is a lost art.   For ladies who miss this too  you can also sit and chat about anything you like, including   including art,  music, literature, film or observations in general. I’m an excellent   listener, a lost art as well.

Etiquette and Comportment Training is designed to instill non exaggerated, feminine behavior and social interaction.  I  feel that it’s  healthy and even necessary to indulge in the feminine side as well as  fun to develop  manners as they were practiced by women,  in the 1950′s and ’60s. 

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