I understand you’re doing your best, working from home on the honor system with no bosses, assistants  or clients  nearby to keep you on point.  But it seems that without  supervision,  you become distracted surfing the net, playing solitaire, or falling asleep.  Your best intentions wane by eleven a.m, and by three o’clock you need a drink.

It’s clear Social Distance Discipline is in order. That means  having a real authority who holds you accountable and  keeps you focused on your job and maintain excellence.

Every day, your progress is monitored via:

  • Text, 
  • Email,
  • Phone Call
  • Voice File

 Every day your progress is monitored  via text , email or phone calls.  In some cases, morning voice files are sent telling you what’s expected  of you that day with instructions on how to proceed.

And if  you’re slacking in any way,  receive a vicious and descriptive tongue lashing  reminding of the brutal, bottom blistering spanking to come. Fear alone will increase your  momentum and glide you past the rough spots.

Social Distance Discipline keeps you on course.

But always remember:

 A Burned Bottom Motivates Best.


Warm Bottoms, 

Georgia Cane

Social Distance Discipline