Meet Miss Cane

My name is Georgia Cane and I am a mature, professional, no-nonsense, Spanking Disciplinarian. At 6 feet tall, I am a strong, physically fit and slender, Black Woman who knows that real discipline begins with your head.

It’s said that, if a woman is truly dominant, it will show up in her 50s. I believe that’s true. I may have delivered my first spanking decades ago, but it’s more intriguing to me now than then.

My specialty is strict, traditional, verbal (scolding) and corporal punishment. I believe the primary feel of hand to bottom, skin to skin spanking is important, but I also wield my belt, paddle, ruler, hairbrush, tawse, and cane.

This is not BDSM. I have no particular interest in sadomasochism.

I was disciplined in Catholic school and spanked as a child (but not TOO much) so I know precisely what a spanking is for, and how it’s to be done.

Discipline, Maintenence, Judicial or Punishment spankings are all primal, forceful forms of communication and Roleplay is just another reality we slip into for a while.

You really are a teen-aged girl who broke her mother’s curfew. You’re the woman being trained to walk properly in heels (“Shoulders back. Chin up”) perhaps while lightly caned. You are that ten-year-old boy testing his babysitter; the fourteen-year-old vexing his aunt; or the hapless employee either getting spanked, pants down, across the boss’s desk- or fired.

Finally, some of us need the tears and catharsis which come only from a well-spanked bottom; one that is nicely burning and warm to the touch for at least a day – or three.

And oh, by the way:
no “Safe” words.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane


New York