New York City, New York is my location. Other disciplinarians may, of course, travel here and live elsewhere, but as a life long resident of Manhattan, when you are ready for your spanking, I’ll be here in New York to take you across my knee.

I am a tall, shapely and mature (fifties) black woman who is well-spoken, intelligent with an Ivy league degree; elegant, strong and physically fit. In my personal life, I’ve enjoyed administering spanking discipline  for well over twenty years, and  can use my bare hand to spank as long and hard as necessary. I am quite strong and highly skilled with powerful shoulders, arms and hands that are more than a match for almost anyone with a high threshold for a very hard hand spanking; which is not meant as a challenge, it’s just factual. My skill set extends to great expertise with a strap, paddle, hairbrush, ruler and of course, cane. I am strict and stern, but always rational, reasonable, and in total control. You may be disciplined with my implements or an implement you own, to any level you require (and request), including tears. Be aware that I do not offer BDSM, disrobe, or provide any sort of sexual contact.

Georgia Cane in Dress

I’ve derived a great deal of personal satisfaction for the last twenty years, reddening the backsides of men and women who need (or enjoy) no nonsense, over the knee, bare bottom spankings; strict corporal punishment, and old fashioned discipline. Make no mistake. I am not a domme. I am not a mistress. I am a spanking disciplinarian only, and if it’s a spanking you seek, then you’ll want to see me. If you’d simply like to experience your fantasies as reality, I will help you express your desires in a totally discreet, supportive, and consensual environment.

Georgia Cane in Dress

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