You’re A Sugar Addict

Because it’s in the coffee you drink all day, along with the Reeses Pieces, Gummy Bears and M&M’s from the vending machine at night.  What about those power bars, chocolate granola bars, and Trail Mix with the chocolate and banana chips.  Oh, and let’s not forget the morning bagels and donuts, having nothing, whatever, to do with dessert after dinner or STARBUCKS lemon cake.

Naturally,  you’re all wired-out and can’t sit still. But soon comes the depression and time for another “hit”.

Sugar is a drug that works your brain and nervous system like any other stimulant drug, my dear, and is just as addictive.

But the problem is solved.
I eliminate your addiction methodically, meticulously and safely; marching you, step by step, through a diet and behavioral program designed exclusively to irradicate sugar from your system.

I deal with your physical and emotional withdrawal fairly but I will not tolerate tantrums, disobedience, weaknesses nor excuses and will do whatever is required to break your habit.

This Discipline Detox Program is both Verbal and/or Corporal and is as effective long distance as it is local.
Spankings are separate and administered on an as-needed basis.

I have a 100% success rate for all of my formerly addicted clients.

And I guarantee that when I’m done, you may have the occasional cake but lose your desire for Gummy Bears.

Monthly Program


Spanking Maintenance (as needed)

$170.00 (with this program)

Date Begin As You Choose