The purpose of this spanking is to STOP THE BEHAVIOR.

The focus of my treatment, is on the cure ; not the cause.  This means that, even though you may not know the root cause of your behavior, nevertheless, your behavior,  will stop.

I spank men and women, to alter brain patterns that change behavior not for week or for a month for but for a lifetime.  By using the regular application of belt, paddle, tawse or cane along including verbal discipline, unconscious behavior is redirected.   It’s the reason why clients tell me that I’ve done more for them in a single spanking than they’ve received in a year of talk therapy.

HOW IT WORKS:  Mind/Brain Behavior

Think of the brain as the hard drive on your computer and your mind as the software that stores and processes your data. Through a method of controlled, methodical spanking and strict verbal correction, the hard drive is changed and the software is replaced from storing negative input with positive.  Understand that, because your brain is a computer, it doesn’t actually realize what it’s doing most of the time.  You are engaged in repeating patterns  - without being aware of them –  that are ruining your life (think Westworld). Still, bad habits and poor actions are nothing more than predictable patterns of behavior.  They are repeated cycles of action and thought that you engage and not because you necessarily like or want them.   These habits will be replaced.


I treat  two separate and distinct categories :

Addictions:  Smoking, Drugs,  Alcohol  and;

Compulsions  (impulse control) : Over Eating, Anger/Tantrums, Spending, Recklessness.


Before the layers of an onion can be peeled, you must be alive to peel it.   My primary focus is not why you engage in self destruction. My focus is making you aware of your behavior and to stop your behavior before it starts. When is comes to Compulsive Behavior, some of have no idea what triggers your actions; while others may invent some self deluded nonsense to justify their unacceptable behavior. Nevertheless, you’re unable to stop and out of control.  With Addiction, discovering  a root cause, while very important, does nothing to automatically stop your behavior; meanwhile you’re at risk.

 Bluntly put: Regular good, hard,  bottom to brain spanking therapy and verbal correction puts the groves in the brain to make your behavior change   

This what your Mother used to do.


WEEKLY:     (4 Per Month)  $1000. USD

Bi- Weekly:  (2 Per Month)  $500. USD

SINGLE:       (As Needed)  $300. USD